You know the saying about how ignorance is blissful, the truth is that it actually is. Sometimes it is better not to know things to save yourself from the confusion and cognitive dissonance over what you thought you knew and what you just found out. However, it is still best to know because our cloud of ignorance could end up causing problems to other people without us ever knowing. A lot of brands that we support or shop from hide themselves under the guise of conducting “ethical business” but once you get down to the details, you will realize that it is far from the truth.

You cannot always challenge these companies and brands in court, but what you can do as a consumer is to stop purchasing from them in order to weaken them and force them to change policies or go bankrupt. You have to know the right place to look in order to really know if companies are violating labor laws, mishandling workers, giving below minimum wage or abusing their power in any way that is abusing other people or harming the environment. You can find a lot of information on companies and allegations surrounding them online in order to learn more.

So, support companies that have better business ethics and that can vouch for everything. You do not have to just support big brands, because contrary to what you may think, expensive does not always guarantee the best, in fact you can find a lot of local jewels around you. They are valuable if you’re comparing the clothes to similar competitors in terms of quality, design and pricing. So, really you just have to be smart and you have to know your alternative options. So, contribute to preventing bad business ethics by not supporting those brands and companies.