When people are buying a new house, a lot of the time they get caught up in all their options and n a moment of clarity, they ask themselves this question: Wouldn’t it be better if I buy a condo instead? If you speak to your friends and family who’re living in condos about their lives, you’ll get to learn a lot about why they love their lives there but all the same, there will be some people who’ll tell you about how badly they wish that they just bought a house instead.

For those who don’t know exactly what a condo is, they’re something between a house and an apartment; basically, like a house, you own the condo that you live in but it’s still a lot like an apartment as well. Condos are built adjacent to others so everything’s in very close proximity just like an apartment complex and they’re built on top of one another too. To some people this kind of a setting feels nice and cosy while others might feel like it’s too congested for comfort.

In busy city places such as those in Toronto, condos might be the most practical living option but there’s good news, not all condos are as congested as others; a Peter and Adelaide Condo can offer you a whole lot of space and a many in house amenities that will make your life easier and more comfortable. And then there’s the fact that you get to live near your work place and other public spaces, which compensates for some downsides of living in a condo.

Ultimately, if you want an extremely lavished home, a condo might not fit your bill but it offers you many advantages that you don’t get elsewhere.