Each year thousands of Americans suffer from minor to major back injuries which prevent them from continuing their daily activities and in some cases they become completely bedridden. Back injuries can occur due to sudden fall or accident which results in the dislocation of vertebrae or broken discs. Many people who are victims to sharp back pain also suffer from many other problems that are caused as a result of it such as restrictive movements, muscular deformity, and stiffness in the neck. When the vertebrae or discs become dislocated the nerves passing through the spinal cord gets blocked due to these broken bones which causes poor blood circulation and other bodily dysfunctions. You might have experienced a sudden back pain while sitting in front of computer or while changing sleeping position and it is a clear indication then you need to consult a certified orthopedic surgeon in your area. Delaying the matter can make it even worse for you as this is a very delicate manner when it comes to spinal health.

As they say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, it is always advisable to take precautionary measures against our current sedentary lifestyle and getting ergonomics chairs is one the ways you can prevent it from getting worse. But if you want to completely get rid of you lower back pain then you should go see a certified orthopedic surgeon such Doctor Joshua S. Rovner, M.D. who is certified to practice in NY and NJ. He utilizes advance and innovative techniques when it comes to treating a spinal injury or deformity that causes minimal collateral damage. He even incorporates modern methods such as robotic spine injury which is highly effective method for successful surgeries. To get more information make sure to visit his website newjerseyspinesurgeon.com.