The growth hormone (GH), is naturally produced by our pituitary gland responsible for our development and growth. It secretes growth hormone from the start of our life and then continues secreting it regularly till we hit puberty and then till our early adult life. It then slows down its secretions as we get older. Growth hormone performs multiple tasks like facilitating bone growth, aiding developing internal organs and assisting in tissue and muscle growth as well. It also helps to promote elasticity and collagen in our skin as well.

You can find that it used for numerous reasons ranging from boosting athletic performance to potentially fighting signs of aging. Compared to men, women secrete more growth hormone but at the same time, they are also starting depleting quicker. In fact, the growth hormone naturally starts secreting less in women after their early twenties. As a result of this, women experience earlier signs of aging as well as lose muscle mass quicker which makes them more susceptible and vulnerable to weight gain.

While growth hormone can be increased naturally by intense exercises and supplements like L-Arginine, it is not necessarily enough especially for women who are faced with visible signs of aging like loosened skin, appearance of fine lines etc. This is where treatments and cosmetic surgery comes in. You can opt for fillers, Botox or treatments that involve the use of growth hormone to prevent or reduce signs of aging. It is recommended to go for a consultation after your mid-twenties or when you notice certain signs of aging. You can find numerous treatment centers and clinics that specialize in various antiaging treatments or that use growth hormones in their plans. In case you are still unsure, you can check Skincity’s official website as Skinicity discusses what is growth hormone and whether or not it is suitable for you.