When someone moves into a house, the first thing they set up are their bedrooms – if you can’t sleep in your own house then why move in at all, right? Naturally, you would make sure that you have a bed for everyone in the house and maybe even an extra one for your guests who you might need to accommodate for the night at some point. It’s a good idea to have an extra bed for visiting relatives but one bed can only accommodate one person so if you have a family staying over then you might have an issue accommodating them. Some people don’t even have the luxury of a guest room at all, which makes accommodating guests an even bigger dilemma for them.

You always have the option off arranging for your guests to sleep over at a nearby motel, which seems doable for guests who aren’t family but then again you aren’t really accommodating them at this rate. The good news is that you can increase the bedding capacity of your house by replacing every bed I your house with a full size trundle bed.

Trundle beds are much like the beds you have right now, except that they have a ‘trundle’ or an extra bed that slides out from under them. This kind of a bed allows you to accommodate one or even two more people on the bed, depending on its size. Having a full size trundle bed in each room will double the bedding capacity of your place, making it possible for you to host a family of guests as big as yours without having to send them into motels or forcing them to sleep on the floor.