We tend to have this culture in our society surrounding alcohol. Alcohol is the drug of choice when it comes to weddings, parties as well as all other kinds of festivities. You might find it odd that alcohol has been referred to as a drug here, but make no mistake: it is most certainly a drug. Anything that intoxicates you does so because it has a chemical in it that has this type of effect on your brain, and since alcohol is an intoxicant it would not be unfair to refer to it as a drug of some kind.

There are a lot of disadvantages associated with drinking alcohol. To start off with, you are going to have a tough time justifying alcohol use when you consider the fact that it is so bad for your liver. Indeed, even when you drink a beer or two every day you are doing your liver a lot of damage, which is why people should try to avoid it entirely.

There is also the fact that alcohol tends to bring out the worst in people. It makes you obnoxious and aggressive which is why you see so many bar fights occurring while people are under the influence. Hence, even in this aspect alcohol is something that you should try to avoid as much as possible, at least if you want to stop harming the people around you.

A much better option if you want a buzz that you can look forward too is to just buy CBD gummies. These gummies contain a chemical present in marijuana which is why the buzz you are going to get from it would be so great, and it has none of the toxicity that alcohol tends to have.